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Sports Instructor


The Everest ALPS stock range, provides clients with a range of garments in stock 24/7.


Featuring Polos; Jackets; Tees and Tracksuits across all key core colours that can be delivered to you within 5 working days, or 21 with embellishments.

Image by Giuseppe Argenziano


Our K2 Pro range is designed for the everyday teamwear consumer.

Our K2 range was created using quality moisture management materials, comfortable sizing blocks suited for our market using breathable fabrics.

The K2 range extends itself to be suitable for all sports, schools & corporate partners.

Both our K2 Pro & Everest Elite ranges use 100% Polyester with moisture wicking; absorbent; evaporative; anti-microbial; anti-bacterial; anti-smell hi-tech fabrics.

Fitness Class


The Everest Elite range is the pinnacle of our product offering. Featuring the highest available materials, utilising cut and sew processes across our modern athletic cuts for all sports.

The features and benefits of the Everest Elite range will provide you with the highest technical sportswear garments available at an affordable price.

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