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Welcome to Everest Sportswear

We at Everest Sportswear, are experts in designing and creating customised sportswear apparel for athletes and sporting clubs ranging from grassroots to international teams. We offer a range of all seasonal products both stock and special make garments, which allows us to provide a solution to meet your delivery timeframes.

Our company offers a multi tiered product range which is designed to provide our clients with the flexibility to select from our 3 ranges (ALPS, K2 Pro, Everest Elite) offering a solution to suit any budget.

With a minimum order quantity as little at 20 units, our systems; people and processes will ensure a stress free ordering process which will see your goods delivered no later than 6 weeks after approval.

Our Teamwear Specialists are here to assist you with the design; order; manufacturing and delivery of your next Everest Sportswear garments.


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